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The factory's production history started as State Aviation Works Engine Works 2 in Rzeszów in 1938.
Later, its name was Transport Equipment Enterprise (Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego) "PZL-Rzeszow" S.A. (WSK "PZL-Rzeszow" S.A.) and majority of shares is sold to US weapon industry United Technologies Holding.

The aviation industry was important during the factory's whole history, however, here we will concentrate on marine and industrial turbochargers built according to purchased licences from Napier, BBC and Holset. After the licences have expired, some have been produced and serviced under type names: 48 (R-510A), 52 (CO45/C), 55 (VTR-631).

Currently production of turbochargers is stopped (type 48, 52, 55, HP-210 and 4MD), however, spare parts are still produced.

The following types of turbochargers have been produced by WSK PZL Rzeszow:

Jastra offer delivery of newly assembled turbochargers and spares originally produced by WSK "PZL-Rzeszow" or their current replacements.

Sometimes turbochargers recovered from shipyards and shipowners surplus stores or from demolished ships are avaliable for sale as reconditioned with register certificate. They are offered after control and rebuilding in factory or specialized service workshops.

Deliveries of currently produced turbochargers and spares of ABB/BBC VTR (VTR200, VTR250, VTR400, VTR401) and RR series in general is still possible.

You are welcome to drop us e-mail, if there is requirement for the above mentioned equipment.

We have NO REASONABLE POSSIBILITIES to offer anything for:
MAN B+W and KBB turbochargers.

Please, use the above links to manufacturer's web sites to place enquiries directly.

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We offer reasonable pricing with packing included, fast delivery and short distance to international airport and worldwide speditors.

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